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An Archetypal Union:
Colouring in the Lines
Alyse Salib s3663232

Year 3 project collection

upcycled KWH gown and PVC 

- starting my practice of refashioning bridal remnants


Karen Willis Holmes (KWH) Bridal


Gwendolynne half toile dyed Vermillion (Cochineal colour)

Gwendolynne half toile dyed Vermillion (Cochineal colour)

Using half-toiles, bodices and bridal fabric to upcycle is also going to upcycle its meanings and signifiers

Sourcing - Bridal and the T-shirt


Grey Marle T-shirt

Salvos find, with typical finishes analysis

Gwendolynne ivory half-toile bodice in fused tri-acetate

Dyeing - Tie dye and Shibori 

pink shibori process


pink shibori stretch tri acetate

pink poly chiffon swatches

original sequins from KWH gown

sequins after dyeing (turmeric and pink)

Turmeric dye - bridal fragments

turmeric shibori - poly chiffon

sequin and plain poly chiffon and bridal lining turmeric tie dye 

Shirring technique - 
forming the language for the Bridal component

shirring on a thick bridal fabric after dyeing

sewing elastic onto bridal

lining after dyeing

performing the swatches

Orange/red - Pink pigment dye x Turmeric

(Tri acetate fused and polyester lining(left), tri acetate stretch(middle), polyester chiffon(right))

Green- Indigo x Turmeric

(poly chiffon (left), poly chiffon (middle), synthetic lining (right))

Mauve - Indigo x pink pigment dye

(tri-acetate (left), beaded poly chiffon (right))

Wearing the new textile hybrid

experimenting on the body

Formative images toiling Marle and repurposed bridal

Green - Red - Mauve

Configurations - the Marle and the bridal fabric rapid design

Rapid design generation on the mannequin with the body base then further explored through drawing. Design generation from drawing to experiment with this configuration on the body again

Rapid design generation for red and marle

Rapid design generation on mannequin for green

Calico base 

Turmeric and some pink pigment dye for calico base. Adding the calico is a neutral fabric that takes in a solid colour. It is used to give body and weight to the bridal fabric

calico base for fabric strips

Community of Practice

Community of Practice

Issey Miyake,

pole shibori technique

Akira Isagowa, 2005, chesty bonds

singlet with hand applique, skirt: silk linen, cotton

Collina Strada

S/S 2022

Lutz Huelle upcycled T-shirt design 2020, instagram


using chains to direct wearer and manipulate around the body, also functions as a hanging mechanism


prototype for mauve x marle garment

flat strips of fabric toiled on body. flatness

conveys clarity of the print 

layering garments as a styling technique in Studio fit shoot

look book mock up

A3 spread folded with A5 mini booklet of looks that fold out to reveal back and side views.

the other side of it is the garment off the body


Wrap dress Green x Mauve


Mauve x Marle

Green x Marle

Red x Marle

Pink x Yellow bridal tee

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